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t-057 Spellbinders Craft Stax Large Tray Set

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  • Spellbinders
  • $19.99

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    Introducing the Spellbinders Craft Stax Large Tray Set!

    The Craft Stax Large Tray Set is a game-changer in organization. This set includes four stackable frosted plastic trays that ingeniously combine to form two generously sized storage boxes. These versatile trays offer you a multitude of options - combine a slim tray with a standard tray to create a convenient storage box, utilize each tray individually, or stack them all together for a smart and space-saving storage solution.

    Craft Stax are the ultimate solution for tidying up your crafting space. Designed with die-cutting enthusiasts in mind, these slim trays are the perfect companions for storing tiny die templates and cut pieces, ensuring your projects remain both accessible and secure. Craft Stax are not only practical but also portable, making them a must-have for any crafting enthusiast. Whether you prefer to use them separately or stack them all, Craft Stax empowers you to organize and store your projects precisely the way you want.

    Approximate Size:

    • Large Slim Tray (2 pieces): 6.61 x 9.68 x 0.35 inches
    • Large Standard Tray (2 pieces): 6.61 x 9.68 x 0.74 inches

    Craft with ease and efficiency with the Spellbinders Craft Stax Large Tray Set - your crafting sidekick for organization and convenience.

    UPC: 813233039453