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t-061 Spellbinders Water Brush Set 3 Pack

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  • Spellbinders
  • $12.99

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    This Water Brush Set offers you a trio of brush sizes to elevate your artistic endeavors. It includes three brush tips, each with its unique purpose. The Fine Tip is designed for meticulous details and precision work, ensuring your artistry shines through in every stroke. The Medium Tip is your go-to choice for elegant lettering, making your words flow gracefully. When you need to cover larger areas with vibrant color, turn to the Broad Tip for a bold and beautiful finish. This versatile set is tailored to meet all your coloring needs.

    How to Use:

    1. Twist the handle off to open and reveal a refillable water well.
    2. Fill it with water and securely recapture the cap.
    3. To activate the brush, press firmly on the brush shaft to channel the water through the brush tip.
    4. For effortless cleanup, simply push excess water through the tip and wipe it off on a towel or scrap paper.

    Approximate Size of Each Brush: 0.50 x 7.13 x 0.50 inches

    Elevate your artistry with the Spellbinders Water Brush Set - a must-have for artists and crafters alike.

    UPC: 810146540779