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The Crafter’s Workshop Palette Paper Pad tcw9138


The Crafter's Workshop Palette Paper Pad is a versatile tool for artists. This pad contains 30 tear-away sheets of palette paper, firmly attached at both the top and the bottom, preventing any shifting during use. Each sheet measures approximately 6x6 inches, providing a disposable and user-friendly canvas for your creative projects. What sets this palette paper apart is its ability to resist the penetration of paint or stencil butter, ensuring a clean working surface. It offers a smooth texture that simplifies cleanup, making it a perfect choice for artists who are often on the move or engaged in "Plein Air" projects. This pad adapts to various artistic mediums, including mixed media, acrylics, gouache, watercolors, stencil butter, modeling pastes, gels, and more.

UPC: 842254091386