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The Rabbit Hole Designs Fall Foxes Dies TRH-215D


The Rabbit Hole Designs Fall Foxes Dies are crafting dies designed to coordinate perfectly with the Fall Foxes Stamp Set. These dies are made from 100% premium steel, ensuring durability and precise cutting.

They are compatible with most die cutting machines, making them accessible and easy to use for a wide range of crafters.

The Fall Foxes Dies offer versatility as they can be used on various materials, such as cardstock, felt, fabric, and shrink plastic. Their wafer-thin design allows you to not only cut out shapes but also use them for stenciling, embossing, and creating intricate designs, expanding the creative possibilities for your projects.

However, it's essential to handle these dies with care, as they contain small parts and have sharp edges, making them a choking hazard and unsuitable for small children. Always be cautious and keep them out of the reach of young children. Additionally, avoid placing them in the mouth to prevent any accidents.

In summary, The Rabbit Hole Designs Fall Foxes Dies are a valuable addition to your crafting toolkit, allowing you to create beautifully cut and detailed fox-themed designs that perfectly complement the Fall Foxes Stamp Set. With these dies, you can add an adorable touch of autumn charm to your handmade cards, scrapbook pages, and other creative projects.