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Tim Holtz Mini Stencil Set 57 mst057


Introducing the Tim Holtz Mini Stencil Set 57! This collection showcases mini tag-shaped stencils specially crafted to enhance your creative projects by allowing you to layer inks, stains, paints, and more with ease. Each stencil in this set boasts dimensions of approximately 3.125 x 6.250 inches, making them ideal for various crafting applications.

The set includes 3 distinct stencils:

  1. Sticks Layering Stencil: This stencil features a captivating pattern of rectangular shapes neatly arranged in rows, adding a unique texture to your projects.

  2. Twinkle Layering Stencil: Adorned with stars of various shapes and sizes, this stencil brings a touch of celestial magic to your creations.

  3. Berry Leaves Layering Stencil: This stencil showcases branches with leaves and round berries in a playful pattern, perfect for infusing a festive spirit into your holiday projects.

These versatile stencils are sure to elevate your creative endeavors and bring a new dimension to your crafting.



UPC: 691835438603