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Tim Holtz Sizzix Candleshop, Colorize Thinlits Dies 666331

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  • Tim Holtz Sizzix
  • $34.99

    Light up your creations this season with the new Candleshop Colorize design curated by Tim Holtz. Perfect for creating realistic and warming creations, this set is sure to shine brightly in all your craft projects!  Colorize is a unique concept in die-cutting, allowing you to add realistic dimension to your projects with drop shadows and highlights for amazing detail. Whether you're a papercrafter or a mixed-media artist, Colorize presents a rewarding challenge to bring animated characters and elements to life. Manufactured by Sizzix, an Ellison brand known for its crafting supplies, these Thinlits dies are meticulously designed to provide intricate and dazzling shapes for your cardmaking and papercrafting endeavors. Their wafer-thin, chemically-etched composition allows them to cut, emboss, or stencil a wide range of materials, including cardstock, paper, metallic foil, and vellum. The Thinlits dies are compatible with most cutting machines. The set has a handy storage envelope to keep your dies organized. For easy identification, simply trim off the package’s front flap and slip it into the envelope. Comprising 23 dies, with dimensions ranging from approximately 0.75 x 3.625 to 0.125 x 0.375 inches, this set offers an array of intricate components for your crafting endeavors. The collection features a variety of layering pieces designed to create three distinct candles, each differing in height and width. Additionally, the set includes components like a saucer, a holder with a handle, dripping wax details, as well as wicks and flames, allowing you to assemble a complete and realistic candle representation in your projects.

    UPC: 630454285922