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Tombow Drawing Set 56303


The Tombow Drawing Set is a comprehensive collection of high-quality drawing tools designed to provide artists, hobbyists, and enthusiasts with everything they need to begin drawing and doodling. It is an excellent choice for beginners and experienced artists alike.

The set includes the following items:

Dual Brush Pens (2): These versatile pens feature a dual-tip design, with a flexible brush tip on one end and a fine point tip on the other. The brush tip allows for expressive, brush-like strokes, making it ideal for creating bold lines, blending colors, and adding details. The fine point tip is perfect for precise lines, outlining, and intricate work. The set includes two different colors, providing a range of options for your artwork.

Fudenosuke Brush Pen: This pen is specifically designed for calligraphy and lettering. It features a firm yet flexible brush tip that allows for varying line widths, making it suitable for both thin and thick strokes. Whether you're working on elegant lettering or expressive illustrations, the Fudenosuke Brush Pen provides excellent control and creates beautiful, consistent lines.

MONO Twin Permanent Marker: This marker is a reliable tool for various drawing and writing applications. It features two tips: a broad chisel tip for bold, solid lines and a fine tip for precise detailing. The permanent ink ensures that your artwork remains vibrant and resistant to fading over time.

MONO Drawing Pencil 4H: This high-quality drawing pencil is a staple for artists. The 4H grade represents a hard lead, which produces light and precise lines. It is perfect for sketching, outlining, and shading, allowing you to achieve a wide range of tonal values and textures in your artwork.

MONO Eraser: The set also includes a MONO eraser, known for its exceptional erasing performance. This eraser effectively removes graphite and other lead-based marks without smudging or damaging the paper. It ensures clean and precise corrections, making it an essential tool for any drawing or sketching session.

To help you get started, the Tombow Drawing Set also includes an instructional tip sheet. This sheet provides guidance on using the different tools effectively and offers tips and techniques to enhance your drawing skills.

UPC: 085014563031