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Tombow TwinTone Pastel 6-Pack Marker Set 61528


The Tombow TwinTone Pastel 6-Pack Marker Set is the perfect addition to add some pizzazz to your planning! This set features vibrant, double-sided markers that are sure to make your projects stand out.

The markers in this set are designed with fast-drying, water-based ink, ensuring that your creations dry quickly and smudge-free. This feature is especially handy for planners and artists who don't want to wait for their work to dry or risk accidental smudges.

The TwinTone Pastel markers are equipped with long-lasting fiber tips, which are durable and provide a smooth and consistent application. The fiber tips are designed to retain their shape even after repeated use, allowing you to create precise lines and details.

With a range of soft pastel colors, this 6-pack marker set offers a delightful selection to bring a touch of elegance to your projects. Whether you're highlighting important dates in your planner or adding artistic flair to your artwork, these markers are sure to provide the perfect touch of color. Colors included: 86 Mint Green, 04 Chrome Yellow, 21 Pale Purple, 61 Peach Pink, 73 Sky Blue, and 48 Honey Orange.

UPC: 085014615280