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Tonic Hair And Skin Tones Nuvo Classic Color Pencils 515n

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Introducing the Tonic Hair And Skin Tones Nuvo Classic Color Pencils, a must-have for any artist or coloring enthusiast. These exceptional pencils boast a highly pigmented, rich wax core, delivering vivid and intense colors that will bring your artwork to life.

With the Nuvo Classic Color Pencils, you have the power to create a stunning range of shades and hues. Blend them seamlessly together to achieve smooth transitions and captivating gradients. For those seeking a subtle and professional blending technique, these pencils can be paired with a paper stub and blending solution, allowing you to achieve that perfect creative effect.

Prepare to be dazzled by the vibrance these pencils add to your projects. Each stroke bursts with a burst of color, elevating your artwork to new levels of brilliance. To further enhance, contrast, and add intricate details, these pencils can be seamlessly combined with Nuvo Alcohol Markers pens (sold separately), providing you with endless possibilities for your creative endeavors.

The Classic Color Pencils come neatly packaged in a convenient tin, housing 12 gorgeous colors carefully selected to inspire your artistic journey. With hues ranging from bold primaries to soft pastels, this versatile set ensures you have all the essential shades at your fingertips.

Crafted with your comfort in mind, these pencils feature a traditional ergonomic triangular-shaped barrel. This design not only allows for a firm and comfortable grip but also reduces hand fatigue during extended coloring sessions. Experience hours of uninterrupted creativity with these thoughtfully designed pencils.

Whether you're a professional artist, a hobbyist, or a coloring enthusiast, the Tonic Hair And Skin Tones Nuvo Classic Color Pencils are a true gem in the world of art supplies. Unleash your imagination, explore a world of color possibilities, and watch as your creations come alive with these extraordinary pencils.

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