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Tsukineko FANTASTIX COMBO PACK Blending Tools 30112

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  • Tsukineko
  • $5.99

    Fantastix applicators are empty foam markers or brushes for inks. The barrel is light-weight and as natural in the hand and as easy to control as a marker. The absorbent fibers allow for precise application of inks and other materials.
    The bullet tip has a rounded point and is great for firm pressure and heavy lines, and for blending on paper and fabric.
    The brush tip has a tapered (conical) point and is great for coverage. Use the side of a brush tip for larger areas and the tip for detailed work. Fantastic cannot be sharpened but can be reshaped by cutting the foam fibers. Do not peel the plastic barrel. Insert the applicator into water-based or solvent-based liquid ink to absorb ink up into the barrel. Use to color on paper, fabric and other mixed media surfaces. Includes 3 brush and three bullet reusable applicators. Each applicator is about 4.5 inches long and includes a cap to help keep ink moist if you prefer.

    UPC: 712353301122