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Tsukineko Sparkle Refill 8oz. Sheer Shimmer ia-008-004


The Tsukineko Sparkle Refill 8oz is an excellent addition to your crafting supplies from Imagine Crafts. This Sheer Shimmer Sparkle Refill is designed to work with your Sparkle Spritz IALAR004 and adds a touch of elegance to paper products. The sheer fine shimmer of this refill is perfect for lighting up your designs and adding a delicate shimmer to your craft projects. It's also great for applying to floral arrangements for a subtle and gentle sparkle. The shimmer provided by this refill is not overpowering but rather like a glisten of morning dew, adding a light touch of radiance. This refill dries quickly on most paper surfaces, making it an easy and convenient option for your crafting needs. The bottle contains approximately 8 ounces of the Sheer Shimmer Sparkle Refill. Please note that the spritzer is not included.

UPC: 712353808041