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Uni POSCA White Paint Marker Set pc-mix-white

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  • Uni
  • $54.49

    These highly pigmented markers contain water-based paint that is non-toxic, lightfast, and waterproof. The alcohol-and-solvent-free opaque paints are blendable when the paint is wet, allowing you to mix colors with a brush or the marker tip. You can also mix or dilute the water-soluble marker paint with water to create a gradient effect. The ball inside the barrel of each Posca marker ensures that when shaken, the paint is evenly mixed. The valve mechanism provides a tight paint seal that prevents the paint from drying out. After use, you can rinse the pen tips underwater. Permanent on porous surfaces and erasable on most smooth non-porous materials, your creations can be protected with a fixative varnish. Use Posca Paint Markers on a variety of surfaces, including wood, fabrics, glass, ceramic, plastic, metals, stones, papers, cardboards, and canvas. The set of 8 markers includes all eight tip sizes in white (PCF-350 brush, PC-1MR extra-fine, PC-1M extra-fine tapered, PC-3M fine, PC-5M medium, PC-7M broad, PC-8K broad chisel, PC-17K extra-broad.

    UPC: 4902778302965