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Vivant Double Face Satin Turquoise Ribbon 27.34 yards 3301.2516.43

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Behold the Vivant Double Face Satin Turquoise Ribbon, a breath of refreshing and cool brilliance. This captivating ribbon, adorned with a double-faced satin finish, infuses your craft projects with a vibrant and cheerful touch, exuding a sense of liveliness and joy. The enchanting turquoise hue brings a splash of invigorating color, making it a perfect choice for uplifting the aesthetics of your creations.

With an ample length of approximately 27.34 yards and a width of .625 inches, this ribbon generously provides material for a myriad of projects, allowing your imagination to run wild. Crafted from 100 percent Polyester, it assures both durability and quality, ensuring that your crafts stand the test of time.

Welcome the Vivant Double Face Satin Turquoise Ribbon into your creative repertoire, and let its vivacious charm elevate your craft projects to new levels of vibrancy and beauty.

UPC: 8713438558877