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Waffle Flower Dotted Sunburst Die 421404


Introducing the Waffle Flower Dotted Sunburst Die, a captivating addition to your crafting tools. This unique sunburst die showcases a sunray pattern in dashed lines, adorned with charming little dots around the edges.

With this versatile die, you have the creative freedom to choose your design approach. You can opt to keep the sweet little circles as they are, creating a delightful dotted design on your projects. Alternatively, explore your artistic side by connecting the circles with simple stitches, adding a touch of texture and intricate detail to your creations.

Furthermore, it's worth noting that this die is slightly smaller than an A2 size, making it a perfect fit for a variety of card sizes and layouts. Let your imagination shine and infuse your cards and layouts with charm using the Dotted Sunburst Die, unlocking endless crafting possibilities!

UPC: 780348650098