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Waffle Flower Folk Art Frame Stencil 421443


The Waffle Flower Folk Art Frame Stencil is the starting point for the new Folk Art Frame Collection. If you intend to use the stencils primarily for the frame, we recommend starting with a piece of cardstock trimmed to 4.25 inches by 5.5 inches. Align the etched rectangle on stencil 1 with it for the leaves. Next, align the etched leaves on stencil 2 with the stenciled leaves for the flowers. Finally, align the etched leaves on stencil 3 with your stenciled images for added details.

The foil plate is designed to be used in place of stencil 3. It's recommended to foil first and then stencil. Etched lines on stencil 1 are provided to help you align your stencil with the foiled image.

The etched ovals on the stencils indicate the ovals on the matching die for cutting out the inside of the frame. As an additional option, you can create two extra flower branches using the openings inside the ovals. Cut them out with the matching die to provide more design choices. This etched oval line is also present on the tree and bird stencil. For stenciling additional images, you can either use the oval die from the Inner Frame Die or use the medium-sized oval die from the Folk Art Bird Die - they are the same size.

The matching die can cut both the outer and inner parts of the frame. You can combine both components to cut out the entire frame, offering more layering possibilities.

Stencil Size: 5.25 inches wide x 6.5 inches high

UPC: 780348650395