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Waffle Flower Fruity Background Coloring Stencils 421453


The Waffle Flower Fruity Background Coloring Stencils are a 3-layered stencil set specially designed for adding color to the fruity elements in your projects. Each layer is marked with a suggested color for the corresponding fruit shapes, making it easy to achieve a beautifully coordinated look.

The suggested colors for each layer are as follows:

  • Reds: A for apple, S for strawberry, W for pulp of watermelon
  • Yellows: B for banana, L for lemon, M for mango
  • Greens: P for pear, W for rind of watermelon, the rest are leaves and stems

Using all three layers together, you can color the entire panel of the Fruity Background Foil Plate and Fruity Texture Die. However, you have the flexibility to ink blend just one layer or mix and match the shapes to create a customized background. The Fruity Stamp Set can be used to stamp the outlines, and there's no need to be exact, allowing for a playful and fun approach to your crafting.

Stencil Size:

  • 5.25 x 6.5 inches

With these stencils, you can easily add vibrant and eye-catching colors to your fruity-themed projects, creating a delightful and artistic effect.

UPC: 780348650906