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Waffle Flower Multiple Fall Leaves Die n Stencils 421548


Elevate your autumn crafting with the Waffle Flower Multiple Fall Leaves Die-n-stencil set. This cleverly designed set allows you to create a delightful collection of leaves with ease, capturing the essence of the season in your projects.

The set includes a unique texture die that cuts out the veins for the leaves in dashed lines, adding a touch of realism and intricate detail to your creations. Here are some recommended steps for using this set:

  1. Diecut the Textures First: Start by using the texture die to cut out the veins on your leaves. This step provides the foundation for the intricate details.

  2. Align the Stencil to the Textures: After cutting the textures, align the stencil to the textured areas on your paper. This step allows you to create stunning background effects.

  3. Blend in Ink: Apply ink over the stencil to add beautiful colors and shading to your leaves. This process enhances the visual appeal of your designs.

  4. Cut Out the Leaves: Once you've completed the previous steps, use the outline die to cut out the leaves. This step gives your leaves a clean and defined border.

Alternatively, you can also choose to ink blend directly over the outline diecuts, creating a seamless look without borders. Additionally, a stamp set with the leaf details is available separately or in a combo, providing you with even more creative options for your autumn-themed projects.

Embrace the beauty of fall and let your creativity flourish with the Multiple Fall Leaves Die-n-stencil set from Waffle Flower, allowing you to craft stunning and detailed leaf designs with ease!

UPC: 780348651552