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Waffle Flower Nesting Dotted Triangles Dies 421516


Introducing the Waffle Flower Nesting Dotted Triangles Dies, a creative addition to our nesting dotted die collection. These triangle-shaped dies offer you a unique and versatile way to enhance your crafting projects.

With these dies, you can choose to keep the delightful little circles as they are, adding a charming dotted design to your triangles. Alternatively, let your creativity shine by connecting them with simple stitches, elevating your designs with a touch of stitching detail that infuses an abundance of charm into your cards and layouts.

Approximate Sizes Largest to Smallest:

  • 3.25 inches wide x 4.375 inches high
  • 2.625 inches wide x 3.75 inches high
  • 2.125 inches wide x 3 inches high
  • 1.625 inches wide x 2.125 inches high
  • 1 inch wide x 1.5 inches high

These dies offer a range of sizes, allowing you to experiment with different design possibilities. Elevate your crafting with the Waffle Flower Nesting Dotted Triangles Dies and create captivating and charming projects that reflect your unique style and imagination!

UPC: 780348651088