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Waffle Flower Postage Collage Lucky Stencil Trio 421616

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  • Waffle Flower
  • $17.99

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    The Waffle Flower Postage Collage Lucky Stencil Trio is a set of three stencils designed to add lucky-themed elements to your creative projects. Here are the key features of this stencil trio:

    • Lucky Icons: The stencils in this trio feature various lucky icons that can be used individually or in combination to create visually appealing designs. These icons are perfect for luck-themed projects or those related to good fortune.

    • Coordination: The stencils are designed to work in conjunction with the Postage Collage Die, allowing you to align them perfectly and create cohesive designs. This coordination ensures that your projects have a polished and professional look.

    • Etched Lines: The stencils come with etched lines to assist you in aligning the layers with the Postage Collage Die, making it easier to achieve precise results.

    • Sparkle and Shine: There's a suggestion to use glitter paste on any of the stencil layers to add sparkle and shine to your projects, enhancing their overall appeal.

    • Stamp Set Compatibility: The stencils can be used in combination with the Postage Collage Lucky Stamp Set (sold separately) to add additional finishing touches to your creations.

    Whether you're creating cards, scrapbooking, or other paper crafts with a luck-themed or Postage Collage theme, this stencil trio can help you achieve intricate and eye-catching designs.

    UPC: 780348652474