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Waffle Flower Puffy Squares Stencil 421307


The Waffle Flower Puffy Squares Stencil features spaced-out puffy squares, leaving room for layering and creating unique effects. One of the team's favorite techniques is to use white pigment ink over Kraft cardstock. This creates a base for adding dye inks over the white pigment ink, resulting in a mesmerizing effect where the dye ink changes color wherever it overlaps the white pigment ink.

Stencil Size:

  • 5.25 x 6.5 inches

With this stencil, you can easily experiment with various ink combinations and layering techniques to achieve stunning and dynamic backgrounds for your card-making and other crafting projects. The puffy squares add a fun and playful touch, making your designs stand out and catching the eye of recipients.

UPC: 780348649146