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Waffle Flower Retro Hugs Dies 421412


The Waffle Flower Retro Hugs Dies provide an easy way to send paper hugs to your loved ones. This set includes two dies: one for the word "hugs" in a retro font, available in both lowercase and uppercase, and another die featuring a cute hugging figure. By die-cutting the hugging figure twice, you can create a visual hug on your card.

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Approximate Size:

Lowercase hugs 2.125 x 1 inch (mat layer), 2.375 x 1.1875 inches

Uppercase Hugs 2.4375 x 0.75 inches (mat layer), 2.625 x 0.9375 inches

Corner Hug  3.75 x 3.6875 inches

UPC: 780348649740