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Waffle Flower Shader 1+ Double Ended Brushes 5 pack wft044


Elevate your crafting experience with the Waffle Flower Shader 1+ Double Ended Brushes 5 pack. These double-ended brushes are the versatile counterparts to the Shader 1+ Brushes, offering you even more options for precision and comfort in your crafting.

Key Features:

  • Five Shader 1+ brushes included in each set.
  • Crafted from high-quality, ultra-soft vegan synthetic bristles.
  • Round-tip brushes with bristles arranged at an angle for comfort and precision.
  • Designed for a drag-n-lift or flicking motion to achieve the best results.
  • Shader 1+ brushes allow for the quick application of a dense layer of ink, making them ideal for use with stencils.
  • Original shader brushes are designed for gradual color buildup with multiple layers of ink.
  • Brushes can be easily cleaned with mild soap and running water, but ensure that the brushes are pointing down to prevent water from entering the barrel.
  • Each brush features a 0.5 inches slanted round tip.
  • Double-ended design offers versatility for various crafting techniques.
  • Features a gold ferrule and a Pearl White lacquer handle.
  • Comes in a set of five brushes, conveniently packaged in a reusable box.

Whether you need to swiftly apply a dense layer of ink or build up colors gradually, these double-ended Shader 1+ brushes offer flexibility and precision for your crafting projects. Their high-quality construction and thoughtful design ensure a smooth and precise application process. Elevate your crafting and achieve stunning results with the Waffle Flower Shader 1+ Double Ended Brushes 5 pack!

UPC: 780348650487