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Waffle Flower SLIMLINE STRIPES Dies 420506

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  • Waffle Flower
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    The Slimline Stripes Die cuts a slimline-size panel into 7 horizontal stripes in graduating widths. Use all the stripes together to create a full slimline-size background or use select pieces for sentiment strips and accent stripes. No complicated measuring and cutting, just perfect stripes every time!

    Approximate Sizes:
     .875 x 8.5 inches
     .75 x 8-.5 inches
     .625 x 8.5 inches
     .50 x 8-.5 inches
    .375 x 8-.5 inches
     .25 x 8.5 inches
    .125 x 8.5 inches

    This is a single die.  

    Can be used in all leading desktop roller die cut machines.

    UPC: 780348640167