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Waffle Flower SUPPLY SWATCHING Clear Stamps 421185

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  • Waffle Flower
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    Organizing your crafty stash can almost be as fun as the crafting itself! The Supply Swatching system with Stamp Set, Matching Die, and Coloring Stencil was designed by crafters for crafters! The system is a game changer for swatching aficionados with a unique visual approach to swatching almost any type of crafting media! The Stamp Set includes a variety of graphic stamps that match the shapes of your favorite media including a tall spray bottle, a flip-top bottle, an embossing powder pot, a wide-mouth paste gell jar, a paint tube, and a dropper bottle. This set also includes a variety of stamps that let you add information to your swatches such as brand, color, and type. Mix and match the stamps to match your stash!

    Approximate sizes:
    Spray Bottle: 0.563 x 2 inches
    Paint Bottle: 0.563 x 1.563 inches
    Liquid Drop: 0.625 x 1.375 inches
    Paint Tube: 0.75 x 2 inches

    UPC: 780348647142