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Waffle Flower Woodgrain Dies 421279


The Waffle Flower Woodgrain Dies are a fantastic addition to your crafting tools, offering a beautiful and natural woodgrain pattern that adds a touch of organic texture to your projects. This set includes two essential components:

  1. Woodgrain Pattern Die: This die features a stunning woodgrain pattern created with dashed lines, providing a realistic and intricate texture that adds depth and character to your cards and crafts.

  2. Outline Die for the Bark: In addition to the woodgrain pattern, this set includes an outline die for the bark, allowing you to create a defined border and enhance the woodgrain effect.

With the Woodgrain Dies from Waffle Flower, you can effortlessly incorporate the warmth and charm of natural wood into your designs. Whether you're creating rustic-themed cards, scrapbooking, or other paper crafts, this die set allows you to add a touch of nature-inspired elegance to your projects with ease. Explore the possibilities and elevate your crafting with the Woodgrain Dies!

Outline die measures approximately: 4 x 5.5 inches

UPC: 780348650524