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WOW Embossing Glitter Golden Vintage Lace ws322r


Introducing WOW Embossing Glitter in the shade Golden Vintage Lace a captivating addition to your crafting supplies. This translucent, regular-grade embossing glitter exudes a touch of elegance and vintage charm. Inspired by Tracy Scott, this particular shade was previously part of the Indulgence Trio. Golden Vintage Lace offers a radiant golden hue that's enhanced with a sparkling effect, making it perfect for adding a touch of glamour to your projects.

WOW Embossing Glitters are known for their stunning array of colors that deliver impressive shine and depth to your crafts. These glitters are designed to elevate your creations with style and sophistication.

Furthermore, the glitters are anti-static and non-toxic, ensuring a seamless and safe crafting experience. Each jar contains 0.5 ounces of Golden Vintage Lace glitter, providing you with ample material to add a touch of timeless brilliance to your crafting projects.

UPC: 5056333102909