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WOW Embossing Powder Marshmallow Fizz wl99r

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    Introducing WOW Embossing Powder in Marshmallow Fizz a translucent color blend curated by Jo Firth-Young, designed to infuse your projects with vibrant energy. Inspired by Jo's creativity, this blend features a bright, almost neon pink hue mixed through a peach base, ensuring a super unique result every time you use it. With its glossy finish and lively color palette, Marshmallow Fizz adds a captivating vibrancy to your creations. Encased in a 0.5 ounce jar, this powder is equipped with anti-static properties for seamless application and is completely non-toxic, prioritizing safety in all your creative endeavors. Let your projects pop with the dynamic charm of Marshmallow Fizz and experience the magic of Jo Firth-Young's inspired creation.

    UPC: 5056333104088