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WS-066 Spellbinders Birthday Banner Wax Seal Stamp


Introducing the Spellbinders Birthday Banner Wax Seal Stamp, a delightful addition to the Sealed for Summer Collection. This stamp features a wooden handle supporting a 1" round brass seal stamp design on its end. Celebrate someone's special day with a festive banner design and wish them a banner birthday. Add a touch of uniqueness and charm to your projects with this eye-catching wax seal element.

Using the Birthday Banner Wax Seal Stamp is easy and enjoyable. Begin by melting wax beads and pouring them onto the surface of your project. Next, place the wax seal stamp into the warm wax and allow it to stand for a moment, allowing the wax to set. Finally, carefully remove the stamp to reveal the beautifully embossed design left behind on your project.

For an optional touch of added flair, consider outlining the design with DecoColor Metallic Markers. This highlighting technique can bring out the intricate details of the wax seal design, adding a shimmering and captivating effect.

With the Spellbinders Birthday Banner Wax Seal Stamp, you can create personalized birthday greetings, cards, gifts, and more. This wax seal stamp adds a unique and charming element that will make any birthday celebration extra special and memorable.

UPC: 813233034984