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ws-101 Spellbinders 3 Pack Wax Seal Stamp Holiday


The 3 Pack Wax Seal Stamp Holiday from the Sealed for Christmas Collection consists of three brass seal stamp designs and a wooden handle. These stamps include a 1-inch circle brass design featuring Joy to the Worl in a casual script font, a 1.0625 x 0.75-inch, rectangle brass design with Let It Snow framed in snowflakes at the top and bottom, and a 0.8125 x 1.125-inch oval brass design with a tree at the center, surrounded by sparkling stars. This set is ideal for enhancing your holiday envelopes or projects.

Instructions for Use:

  1. Melt wax beads and pour them onto the project surface.
  2. Place the wax seal stamp into the warm wax and allow it to stand.
  3. Remove the stamp to reveal the design.

Optional: You can outline and highlight the design using a DecoColor Metallic Marker, available separately.

UPC: 813233035882