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This Calls For Confetti Brown Pearl Embellishments


Introducing This Calls For Confetti Brown Pearl Embellishments a collection that brings a touch of elegance to handmade cards with its exquisite Brown Pearl Embellishments. These pearls come in a range of sizes, from 6mm to 2mm, and feature a rich brown color that instantly enhances the beauty of any creation. Each package contains approximately half a tablespoon of these stunning half-round pearls, providing ample quantities to elevate your card designs.

With these Brown Pearl Embellishments, you can easily add texture and dimension to your cards, making them truly stand out from the rest. Elevate your card-making experience with these exceptional embellishments, as they effortlessly infuse sophistication and charm into your heartfelt creations.

Whether you're crafting cards for special occasions or simply expressing your creativity, these Brown Pearl Embellishments will be the perfect addition to your projects. Enhance your card designs and delight your recipients with the allure of these exquisite pearls, transforming your handmade cards into treasured keepsakes to be cherished. Let the beauty of Brown Pearl Embellishments elevate your card-making endeavors to new heights of refinement and artistry.

UPC: 2621085597861