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This Calls For Confetti It's No Secret Anti Static Powder Tool


It's no secret anti-static powder tool is the ultimate solution to your static issues with sequins and shaker bits. With a simple swipe along the inner packaging, this powder will eliminate pesky static cling when transferring products from bags and storage containers. But that's not all, It's No Secret can also be used on foam tape edges, fingertips for placing sticky photopolymer stamps, or on cardstock for quick sentiment stamping and heat embossing. Say goodbye to frustrating static and experience the ease of eliminating it with It's No Secret anti-static powder.

This package contains one It's No Secret anti-static powder tool full of powder. Twist off the lid and use the applicator to apply powder. This product is not refillable.

Seal tight after each use. Keep the applicator dry. Cosmetic-grade powder enclosed. Store in a cool, dry place. Not for children.

UPC: 4876821697861